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Welcome to Nanoforge

Contract Nanofabrication Services including:

Evaporation (Thermal & Ebeam)

Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD)

PDMS, Polyimide & SU-8 Processing

Resist Processing (Expose, Develop)

Electron Beam Lithography (JEOL)

Wet Chemical Etching (BOE, KOH)

DRIE Thru-Wafer Etching   

3D Printing of Prototype Devices

Carbon Nanotube Growth    

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (n,k,t)

PECVD: SiO2, Si3N4, aSi, PSG, BSG, SiC

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)           

Furnace Annealing

Contact Lithography (including Backside)

Nanoimprint Lithography    

Reactive Ion Etching (all Types)           

Wafer Bonding (all Types)    

Electroplating (Au, Cu, Ni)   

Metrology (AFM, SEM, EDS, Stress, etc)

Contact Angle Measurement

Sputter Deposition (DC & RF)

Thermal Oxidation (Wet & Dry)

LPCVD Oxide, Nitride, Polysilicon

Stepper Lithography (to 180nm)

Mask Exposure & Development

Argon Ion Milling (All Materials)

Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Laser Cutting/Patterning/Ablation

Electrical Testing (CV, IV, etc)

CAD Layout & Design